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Until we meet again

Our beautiful blue planet, bearer of so many dreams of travel and discovery, is very sick and so are we, with it, all of us now going through difficult circumstances never before known and of great sadness.

We have done our best to protect ourselves, our loved ones and those who work with us, not only by asking them to stay at home to work and to limit contagion, but also to ensure their financial security for as long as we can, with our resources and the help of the State which is being set up. We were also able to ensure the security and the return home of all the customers who were still with us, the last ones left a few days ago.

We are of course “on deck” and will respond as quickly as possible to all of your inquiries. Our industry is undoubtedly one of the most severely affected and the unknown is spreading before us. We are now planning for resilience, endurance, and creativity when times get better.

We are sure that the general situation will develop positively and ask you to take good care of yourself, your family and your loved ones, as this is the most important thing at the moment. Because after these long days of quarantine, the desire will come back to escape, to reconnect with other humans, to share our experiences and rediscovered life… until we meet again.

See you soon.