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Morocco arise

American filmmaker Brandon Li has released his latest film “Morocco Arise,” showcasing the rich and diverse culture, heritage, and traditions of Morocco.

The full day Berber Experience

The full day Berber experience

This is the best day trip to discover and explore the deep Berber country in self-drive or chauffeured 4WD and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of valleys, villages and open landscapes. In a tiny Berber village an hour’s drive from Marrakech, discover the simplicity and authenticity of authentic Berber cuisine with Saida and her family.

A video tour of the Moroccan Culinary Art Museum in Marrakech

The Moroccan culinary museum

Enjoy the video tour of the Moroccan Culinary Art Museum. Located in the medina of Marrakech, the museum is an ancient house that has been completely refurbished and revamped into a beautiful palace, a marvel of Moroccan craftsmanship and a genuine work of art.

The Red City is turning Green

Marrakech, the Red City turning Green

You may have already seen the historical places in Marrakech, the restaurants, the congress centres, the gardens, and the beautiful surroundings. But did you know that Marrakech also had electric buses, bike sharing systems, clean energy for its mosques, the largest wastewater treatment plant in Morocco, and a controlled landfill with waste sorting and biogas production systems?

Morocco, the sustainable Kingdom

DMC in Morocco since 1981, Conference planner and Incentive specialist.

Enjoy this 3:48 video on Morocco “The Sustainable Kingdom”, by famous french photograph Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Our goal is to make Morocco the number ONE tourist destination in Africa by 2025.

Marrakech Lifestyle in 1960

Fifty years ago, Marrakech was so different from today. But one thing is sure: charm still operates, hospitality grew even warmer, and food is tastier than ever!

Pioneering Economic Growth

Interested in Morocco’s socio-economic transformation? How is the country ‘Pioneering Economic Growth’? Do not miss i-Profile’s new 30′-minute program “Morocco – Pioneering Economic Growth”, broadcast globally on Bloomberg Television! Watch how Morocco is reshaping itself as a regional leader, a modern economy and a business gateway to Africa.

36 hours in Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, is a cosmopolitan port where visitors can eat, drink, shop and wander, surrounded by an alluring blend of tradition and progressiveness.
By Fritzie Andrade, Morocco Film Production, One Glass Video and Aaron Wolfe on Publish Date December 24, 2014. Photo by Ben Sklar for The New York Times.

Famous actor Bill Murray talks about Morocco

Actor Bill Murray talks on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” about the basis for his character in the new movie “Rock the Kasbah”, shoot in Morocco. Thank you, Bill, for your kind words!

Marrakech Travel Doc

Today, we go back to a few years ago, with this 9-part documentary on Marrakech, made by BroadbandTV Travel. And although some things have changed a bit, the spirit of Marrakech remained the same throughout the centuries.