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Culinary tour of Morocco

Culinary Tours of Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is said to be of the four best in the world! This reputation is probably due to the different influences received along the centuries, from the Romans and the Phoenicians to the Portuguese, the Spanish and the French! But even more than that, subtle use of the spices and a great tradition of home cooking by the mother of the family account for it. Even today, you will find the best Moroccan food in families’ homes rather than restaurants. Hence we have included « family cuisine » in our programme, and you will undoubtedly lick your fingers!

Jewish Heritage Tour

Unitours Maroc: your Destination and Events Management Company (DMC) in Morocco

Present in Morocco as early as the 7th century, the Jewish community was reinforced in 1492: with the fall of the Kingdom of Granada, reconquered by the » Catholic Kings », Isabel of Castilla and Ferdinand II of Aragon, the Sephardi Jews of Spain are obliged to convert or have to flee, and they escape to Morocco, to join the communities already existing.
This 12 days tour will lead you to this part of your History, covering the highlights of the Jewish presence in Morocco and the sanctuaries of celebrated rabbis.